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Welcome to Everbloom Learning

Formerly New Horizons Learning Resources. Everbloom Learning will continue New Horizon’s 20+ years of offering high impact content, assessments and services for early childhood leaders and their teams.

Support and Coaching

Everbloom Learning partners with exceptional leadership development professionals who specialize in coaching, training, and custom consulting, specifically for early childcare professionals. Please contact us for more information. 

Early Childhood Administrators

Whether you’re the director of a preschool, administrator of a Head Start program, or a family child care provider, you need up-to-date resources to help you effectively manage your program. Everbloom Learning specializes in books, assessments, and coaching to help you achieve your vision of excellence.

College Instructors and Trainers

Meaningful professional development experiences are at the core of building a stable and capable early childhood workforce. Everbloom Learning publishes trainer’s guides that include step-by-step instructions for planning dynamic and informative training for early childhood administrators.

Technical Assistance Specialists

Valid and reliable assessment tools are essential for measuring, monitoring, and improving organizational practices. If you are an assessor, coach, or TA specialist, our assessment tools can help you in your role of supporting continuous quality improvement.