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The Early Childhood Work Environment Survey (ECWES)

The Early Childhood Work Environment Survey (ECWES) helps you assess the organizational climate of your early childhood program. The resulting Work Environment Profile summarizes staff perceptions about different organizational practices and can serve as a springboard for creating a great place to work. Since the ECWES was developed in 1985, more than 40,000 early childhood practitioners working in 3,500 programs have completed the survey and received their summary profile.


Assessing attitudes about organizational practices can help you . . .

  • Better understand the collective perceptions of staff
  • Identify ways to improve overall morale
  • Validate why things are going well in the program
  • Isolate those areas that need to be strengthened

10 Organizational Practice Areas:

  • Collegiality
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Supervisor support
  • Clarity
  • Reward system
  • Decision-making influence
  • Goal consensus
  • Task orientation
  • Physical environment
  • Innovativeness
The ECWES is designed to be completed by all administrative, teaching, and support staff. With a minimum of five surveys completed, your site will receive a Work Environment Profile as well as an Interpreting the Work Environment Profile document.