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From the Inside Out


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The quest for excellence begins with an inner quest to discover who we are—our passions, values, talents, personal resources, and even those foibles and annoying habits we might prefer not to acknowledge. Having a better understanding of ourselves is the first step toward achieving a better relationship with others. From the Inside Out is your passport for self-discovery. Through thought-provoking questions and engaging exercises you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on where you are in your journey through adulthood, determine the gap between your current and ideal work environment, and become a self-mentor for envisioning new possibilities for the decades ahead.

From the Inside Out will help you …

  • gain clarity about your purpose and passions
  • understand the values and beliefs that shape your behavior
  • appreciate your strengths and internal resources
  • learn how to avoid the comparison trap
  • practice strategies to reduce stress and avoid burnout
  • create an action plan for achieving greater job fulfillment

2007, soft cover, perfect bound, 120 pages, 7 x 10, ISBN: 9780962189494

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eBook, Hard Copy